Gobi Desert

Gobi desert Mongolia

  Gobi Desert Mongolia is known for its untouched purity, unspoiled beauty, and seemingly endless landscapes. The Gobi Desert, which encircles Mongolia in a sandy arc from the Nanshan and Altyntag mountains and the Yellow River to the Altai and Tien Shan mountains at the border with China, is the largest natural feature of the […]

Reindeer trip 2022

Tsaatan reindeer herders

  “Tsaatan” reindeer herders “Tsaa” is Mongolian for deer. The Mongols refer to them as such. “Spirit” refers to “the people of the reindeer” or “the tsaatan” reindeer herders. According to Badamkhatan, a Mongolian ethnographer who spent years studying them. The Uryankhai Uyghurs, as the Tsaatans are also known, speak Uyghur. The Todzhans of nearby […]

Mongolia prepares for UIAA General Assembly

In a little over a month’s time the 2018 UIAA General Assembly will take place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. For many delegates it will be their first opportunity to visit a fascinating country with a rich climbing and mountaineering culture. The event will be hosted by the Mongolian National Climbing Federation (MNCF). Established in 1955, the […]

Ulaanbaatar winter festival will be organized in 16th, February

We all feel slumberous during winters, all you want to do is tuck into your cozy bed and sleep all day. Why not try and fight this laziness and actually enjoy the cold snowy weather? On 16-17th of February you can experience a traditional ankle bone shooting game on ice, an ice archery tournament, skating […]