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Discover The Land Of The Eternal Blue Sky Sayat Travel welcomes guests to Mongolia who love discovering unique destinations, exciting activities, and experiencing new cultures.
Explore All ToursVisit Golden Eagle Hunters Visit some of the last Kazakh eagle hunters in the Western Altai Mountains.
Explore this TourPhotography Tours: We offer a variety of specialized tours for professional and amateur photographers seeking unique shots of Mongolia’s landscapes or ethnic nomads.ExploreTrekking & Camping Tours We provide customized trekking tours throughout all regions of Mongolia, and can adjust the challenge level according to your needs.Explore a Popular Altai Trek Gobi Desert Tour Famous for its vast untouched nature, virgin purity and boundless open spaces. We take you through the serene Gobi with Bactrian camels and off-road vehicles.
Explore this TourNaadam Summer FestivalEnjoy the annual summer festival of Naadam in mid-July, which includes large community gatherings for competitions of long distance horse racing, Mongolian wrestling, and archery.Explore Nauryz New Year Carnival Nauryz is a festive celebration of ethnic Kazakhs, bringing families together in late March throughout Central Asia.
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True Specialists

Sayat Travel is a Bayan-Olgiy province-based tour operator offering a wide selection of guided Mongolia trekking tours, western Mongolia photography, horseback rides, hiking, and climbing tours.

Most of our Mongolia tours are designed and led by our local experts. Whether you are looking for a full-day hike, a 10-day trek, or a 2-week tour of more than one region, we can customize an itinerary that fits your travel needs.

Best Price

We have developed strong relationships with local suppliers and nomadic communities, enabling us to offer you competitive hotel rates and holiday tour packages at low prices without compromising quality or authenticity.

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Local Team

The quality of your guide can make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one. Our guides are local experts from each region. They share real life experiences, their values, and knowledge of the land, animals, and culture to deepen your experience.

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Small Group

Sayat Travel caters best to small groups of 2-12 guests per tour, with options to have a private group tour or combine with another group. This focus enables us to provide high levels of service and attention to our guests throughout your experience, and minimizes impact on the environment.

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Tailormade Trip

The joy of tailor-made travel is that your entire holiday is designed around your requirements based on your personal needs and budget, so you are not tied to any set itinerary. This allows you to explore your own interests, own plan, and select your own style of accommodation.

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Guest Testimonials

Enjoy the Vast Beauties of Mongolia

Check out our collection of multi-day eco-friendly tours we run throughout Mongolia, with a wide range of activities and destinations including horse riding, trekking, off-road photography tours, and visiting  nomadic eagle hunters.

Sayat Travel reveals Mongolia’s striking landscapes, unique wildlife, hardy but friendly people, and rich, ancient ethnic cultures.

Discover The Unseen In The Land Of The Eternal Blue Sky

Sayat Travel caters to those who love discovering new destinations and cultures.

We customize countryside journeys fit for small groups, family holidays, photographers, and general adventurers to less traveled destinations and nomadic communities. Those seeking an off-the-beaten path will find Mongolia exciting and enriching with Sayat Travel.

Most Popular Destinations: Atlai Tavan Bogd National Park, Trekking & Camping, Horseback Riding Tours.

The best time to visit North Mongolia is during the dry season, October through April, when skies are clear and the temperature is mild outside of December and January.

For most other regions of Mongolia, travel is recommended from April through November.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

Active Travel

Our most popular tour programs are designed for active travelers who want more action than the average holiday, but we do cater to guests of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

Eco-friendly Adventure

We create adventure in an eco-friendly controlled environment that we are extremely familiar with as locals. You can experience new adventures while being safe and sustainable to the land and community.

Authentic Cultural Experiences

We create adventure in an eco-friendly controlled environment that we are extremely familiar with as locals. You can experience new adventures while being safe and sustainable to the land and community.

Specialist Local Guides

Our guides possess a wealth of knowledge and passion for their work. They are fun, informative and adaptable.

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COVID-19 Safe

Mongolia has had only 21 local transmissions and less than 500 total cases from Covid-19. The country took decisive action early in January 2020. We expect international travel to resume by 2021. With one of the least dense populations in the world, Mongolia is well set up for extreme social distancing if needed, outside of the cities.

For immunization recommendations, please visit the CDC website.

Videos of Mongolia

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We help you understand everything we see and do – from natural and historical processes and phenomena, the animal world, to the nomadic way of life including people’s attitude to their environment and spirituality.


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