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Tours and Destinations in Mongolia

Tours and Destinations in Mongolia

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Almost all types of recreation are possible in Mongolia. With 4×4 vehicles we have access to almost anywhere in the country, regardless of road access. Unique excursions to this part of the world will acquaint you with the culture and traditions of the many ethnic groups of Mongolia. You can discover adventurous horse trails, rafting on mountain rivers, or just relax in a cozy place among the vast expanse of rolling green hills on the steppe next to the purest freshwater lakes. We love receiving guests from around the world to see the natural treasures of our country, in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Those who have visited at least once can confirm the generous Mongolian nature and enduring spirit. The experience will surprise and charm you with a variety of landscapes: desert steppes, mountain peaks in the snow, century-old taiga, luscious alpine meadows, mysterious caves, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, which, literally, are innumerable. All these unique natural landscapes will make your vacation in Mongolia unforgettable.

Our Tours and Destinations

Sayat Travel will tour you to the mysterious and amazing regions and travel destinations of Mongolia that will leave guests with unforgettable memories of a lifetime. Our company offers active and custom tours. You can go the eco-friendly tourist destinations such as the Altai Mountain Trek, Gobi Desert Safari, Visit the Last Reindeer Herders of North Mongolia, and/or raft down the Khovd River. A wide variety of programs will allow you to choose an affordable, eco-friendly tour for 3-14 days.

The Tsaatan reindeer herders have approximately 60 tribes left in Northern Mongolia

Visit some of the last Kazakh golden eagle hunters of Western Mongolia

We offer all-level horseback riding tours to unveil and explore Mongolia’s beautiful destinations.

Join the vibrant festivities of the New Year celebrated in late March throughout Central Asia

Cross-country hikes and fire-lit camping trips customizable for all regions of Mongolia

Drive, trek, and horseback through the gorgeous Altai Tavan Bogd National Park lake region

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