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Atlai Lakes

Atlai Lakes

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The dramatic steep valley, surrounded by snow capped mountains from the south, is where many Kazakh nomadic families spend their summer time. Even people from Olgiy city who have relatives here like to pass their vacations in this serene place. The area is very famous for its hot springs; a lot of locals come here to receive rejuvenating treatments.

Fishing is not a main pursuit for nomads, but if they have got free time, they sometimes fish here. The melt water from Altai Tavan Bogd is a source for the lakes. The mix of lakes, rivers, mountains and forests makes this not only a haven for fauna, but also a great place for riding, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. On horseback in Mongolia, the world is at your doorstep.

What greater freedom is there than to ride through this snowcapped, mountainous, lake-filled landscape without the restrictions of roads and paths? From the saddle, look out for ibex, Altai marmot, and golden eagles. Elk, wolves, brown bears, hares, lynx and the very rare snow leopard also inhabit this area.

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Achit and Tolbo lakes (Bayan-Olgiy)

Achit is a freshwater lake that is located 80 km east from Olgiy city. It is around 10 m deep and a number of small and large rivers flow into it, while a tiny river called Usan Khooloi starts from it and flows into the Khovd River. Fish species such as the Altai bigmouth Osman and Mongolian grayling inhabit the Achit Lake. Fishing can be done during certain times of the year, usually requiring a permit.

In order to preserve pheasants, wild boars, beavers and wild sea-buckthorns in the area near the Devel Island between the Usan Khooloi and Khovd River, these are taken under special protection. Moreover, since the area is rich with different types of bird that stay in summer and even in winter, bird-watching tours are common here.

Tolbo lake of Altai Mountains is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Mongolia that is surrounded by Rocky Mountains and hills reaching as high as 1,500m. The lake has a number of smaller islands one of which called Kishkene Tolgoi protrudes approximately 4m over the water level.

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