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Reindeer Herder Tribe Stay

Reindeer Herder Tribe Stay

About the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders Dukha Tribe – Northern Mongolia

The Tsaatan reindeer herders are one of the last remaining groups of nomads living as they have for centuries in Northern Mongolia. A visit to the Tsaatan community of reindeer herders is a fascinating experience. It is a rare chance to learn about a unique traditional way of life in the vast open countryside and a highlight of any trip to Mongolia.

We will stay with the community, whom the Sayat Travel team know personally, and have the opportunity to volunteer for activities such as: reindeer milking, churning milk to be made into cheese, gathering firewood, and riding the reindeer. You will come away with a great appreciation for the remoteness and self-sufficiency of this tiny community in the “Land of the Endless Sky”.

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Reindeer Herder Tour Iterinary

Our guide will meet you at Chinggis Khan International Airport upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar, and take you to your hotel. If time allows, we will meet for dinner and give you an introduction to the capital city, including a visit to the huge Sukhbaatar Square in the center of town. We can also make time to visit a money exchange and grocery store for any last minute supplies. Overnight accommodation will be in a ho- tel. (L-D)
At Muru airport you will be met by the Sayat Travel team including our English- speaking tour guide, driver, and cook. We will drive 100km from the airport to Khuvsgul lake which is the second most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia after Lake Baykal. Boasting spectacular views and local wildlife, Khuvsgul is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the Rus- sian border, at the foot of the eastern Sa- yan mountains. Now we start to enjoy camp fires almost every night. Overnight accommodation will be in a tent (provided for) or a wooden cabin. (L-D)

After breakfast, we start driving to the Ulaan-Uul village, located 171km from northwest of Murun city. There are sever-al beautiful rivers, valleys, and mountain passes en route. Picnic lunch and many
small stops for photography. Overnight accommodation will be in a tent or wood-
en cabin. (B-L-D)

Early morning drive to Tsaagan Nuur village. Check
in at the Army headquarters and show our passports
and document permission to enter the Taiga region.
We will then meet the Tsaatan nomad family we are staying with and supplying us with horses and rein-deer.

The family truly enjoys meeting guests. We will eat homemade Mongolian traditional food and can drink mare’s milk, for those who would like to try this very Mongolian drink. We will sleep in a Ger / Yurt just like a Mongolian! (B-L-D)

Our staff will pack our main gear in the morning which we will be able to access again at night. Our driver will remain in the village with our supplies not needed for this part of the trip.

We start riding to the East Taiga forest at the southern edge of Si-beria, which will take 7 hours including a lunch break. Riding in the Taiga is exciting and challeng-ing. If needed, we make sure you are well led by very experienced guides.

The scenery, mountains, streams, tundra area, are
spectacular. There are many wild flowers, birds and
if we are lucky, we will see wild red colored deer.

When we arrive at the teepees of the reindeer fami-
lies, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home. We will spend the next two days experiencing authentic Tsaatan life. Overnight accommodation will be in a teepee. (B-L-D)

Full day of rest to experience a Tsaatan reindeer herder’s everyday life, riding reindeer and helping with any chores including milking, cheese making, and even trying to teach the children some Western games. Overnight accommodation will be in a tee-pee. (B-L-D)

After 2 days of experiencing Tsaatan reindeer family’s life and the wild untouched land of the Taiga, we say good bye our Mongolian family ride back
to Tsaagan Nuur. We can swim in the lake if it is
warm enough. Overnight accommodation will be in
a Ger. (B-L-D).

There are several rivers and mountain passes en route. We will have a picnic lunch and many small stops for photography. Overnight accommodation will be in a hotel. (B-L-D)
After breakfast you will be driven to the local airport with your guide for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. Free evening to explore the city. Overnight accommodation will be in a hotel. (B-L-D) Include
  • Breakfast
Transfer to Chinggis Khan International Airport for your return flight home or further adventures in other regions of Mongolia, such as the Altai Mountains or Gobi Desert. (B)

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