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Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert Traverse

The Gobi Desert, one of the biggest deserts in the world, covers a third of Mongolia’s territory. It differs from typical deserts, mountain ranges, forests, lakes and swamps occur in this area. This is an important agricultural region of the country. From the top of Aj Bogd, one of the highest mountains in the Gobi, hundreds of kilometers of flat land can be seen in haze.

The biggest lake is-Uvs. Numerous oases occur in the western side of the Gobi. Interesting creatures inhabit the Gobi that can quench thirst from its fat, turning protein into water, penetrating dews into the body, sucking moisture from the air by its skin, and drinking only vegetation juice. Because vegetation grown in salty soil is very fertile, Gobi animals meat and milk are so tasty.

Once the Gobi climate has very low humidity, the air heats up to 50 degrees, and frosts at night. Annual precipitation is one of the lowest on earth and is about 100 mm. But seldom rains cause flooding frequently.

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Essential Information

Winter in Gobi is very cold and harsh. Gobi wind-storms are very harsh. Strong storms cover the area, dimming the sun-light and creating total darkness all over. It looks from a distance like a huge fortress and seems like a mythical beast hanging from the clouds, dancing. Sand is surely dominant in the Gobi Desert.

Local people sell sands of different colors in small cases. Hongor Sand Dunes (Whistling Sands) in Umnugovi province covers an area of 92.5 and 185 km long, 20 km wide. The Whistling Sands amazes everyone. It creates such strange sounds as whistling, squeaking, roaring, rattling, growling and rumbling when people walk on it.

These sounds can be used” as musical instruments. But anyone can hardly play this kind of instrument, as this is followed by very low tune, thus mostly creates a scary feeling. Sand generally sounds like fiddle strings or jet engines in the wind. The Gobi is rich in mineral resources and the local people are looking forward to a promising future.

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