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Ulaanbaatar winter festival will be organized in 16th, February

Ulaanbaatar winter festival will be organized in 16th, February

We all feel slumberous during winters, all you want to do is tuck into your cozy bed and sleep all day. Why not try and fight this laziness and actually enjoy the cold snowy weather?

On 16-17th of February you can experience a traditional ankle bone shooting game on ice, an ice archery tournament, skating and figure skating shows, a winter bike trip, dog sledding races, a traditional clothing fashion show, ethnic and modern band concerts, or horse and camel tours, all during the Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival. It will be held at the “Sky Resort” complex located 13km southeast from Ulaanbaatar city in the beautiful valley of Bogd Khan Mountain.

During the festival you can participate in the championship tournaments in archery and ankle bones on ice. Moreover, you can join Ulaanbaatar city rugby championship, snowboard and ice climbing amateur competitions, best national costume contest, and other entertaining games among the participants.

Therefore, we would like you to experience beautiful winter in Mongolia, the traditions and heritage, its culture, extreme sports and unforgettable trip.

Escaping the polluted city weather to the mountain can only be good for your body and mind. Winter sports help strengthen your heart, as it increases the blood flow in the body and removes toxins. The mountains’ fresh and pure air will help cleanse your lungs. Also, it is an activity that can be started from an early age, making it accessible for the whole family.

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